Episode 14: Why read the Bible?

For our final podcast of 2020, we’re bringing you a discussion we recorded when lockdown started in the UK in March 2020.  It seems like an age ago but also like yesterday – when we were just getting to the point of that first lockdown haircut!  The subject is “Why read the Bible?” which seems just as relevant as we go into a new year in a world very much still in the grip of uncertainty.  And so, whatever 2020 has been like for you, whether it’s given you sadness or joy or additional stress and strain, perhaps it’s comforting to know that the still small voice of the divine, revealed through an ancient text, will always be there waiting for us to listen.  So we hope you enjoy this discussion and we wish you all the best for 2021. 

You can also watch this full webinar in video format here.