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Paul and Dan talk with Dale Tuggy and Mark Cain to find out about all the work they do with the Unitarian Christian Alliance (UCA) including their upcoming first conference outside the US to be held in Windsor, London 25 July 2024. They also discuss how increasing numbers of people are coming to understand the Biblical God, rather than one of the many 'trinity theories'.  Learn more about how you can help the growing network of people coming to a Biblical understanding of God and his son Jesus!
We speak to Rachel Hocking from Brisbane, Australia about the latest Worship Book, a collection of "Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" crafted by members of the Christadelphian community. We discuss the blend of traditional and contemporary styles, the distinctive doctrines highlighted in song, and how this project is an exciting window into the global Christadelphian church.
Philippians 2:5-11 is often assumed to be about the incarnation of the Son, but does that stand up to scrutiny when you look at it in detail? We consider five reasons to doubt that interpretation.

A Christadelphian Project

Bible Feed is a growing collection of online resources run by Christadelphians from the UK. We aim to increase familiarity and understanding of the Bible by creating and sharing relevant and engaging content from the Christadelphian community.

There are Christadelphian churches all around the world with a treasured and vibrant fellowship.

As biblical unitarians,we believe in one God, the Father, and Jesus, the Son of God. At the heart of our faith is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Our understanding of God’s love, mercy and grace comes from the Bible, which has carried God’s word to people through history.