Episode 10: What is Bible Feed all about?

Paul and Dan, as members of a lay community called the Christadelphians, discuss what unique perspectives they think the Bible Feed podcast can bring to the wider Christian debate.

Show Notes

With growing resources, from podcasts to videos and blogs, Bible Feed is a place for conversations about the Bible and faith in the modern world. But who are we?

The Christadelphians

Bible Feed is run by a small team who are members of the Christadelphian community. (Yes, it’s a long word! It’s basically the Greek words for brothers & sisters of Christ, i.e. his family, fudged together in English). Christadelphians are Biblical Unitarians, which means that we understand Jesus as a human, uniquely the Son of God, but not divine or a part of God in a Trinitarian sense. We’ll definitely be discussing and debating that perspective in later podcast episodes.

In fact, we think there’s a real place for our resources in the conversations about the Bible and faith in a modern world. The trend to deconstruct Christian orthodox views by looking at what the Bible actually says is accelerating. The Christadelphian community has always placed emphasis on its members searching for objective truth rather than simply being told what to believe. And orthodox views that are being shed – eternal conscious torment, heaven-going, the immortal soul, for example – these have never been a part of Christadelphian teaching. So we think we’ve got something to offer in the conversation.

We hope to help bring people on the journey of understanding the Bible along with us. To encourage people to become Bible readers together.


Paul and Dan talk about the resources that are available already and the plans to grow the podcast. You can check out all our podcast episodes on our website, as well as all the other great resources that we are putting together.