Episode 59: The Early Church, Bass notes and TikTok

The Bible Feed core team of Paul, Dan, Josh and Laurence get together to reflect on some serious, and some less serious, themes from 2022 and look forward to our plans for 2023.  We thank all our listeners for their support in 2022 and wish you all the best for 2023, may it see the full realisation of the kingdom of God in the earth.

Show Notes

For the first time on the podcast, Paul, Dan, Josh and Laurence get together to record a four-way conversation about everything good (and slightly crazy) about 2022, and to look ahead to another year.

The conversation ranges from reflections about the wide variety of musical references and other cultural moments that we captured in various episodes over the last 12 months. These include Dan weaving together the book of Ecclesiastes with Fatboy Slim, the big questions of life made clear through Queen and Star Wars, and Whitney Houston’s picture of final judgement!

Laurence reflects on our episodes that considered aspects of the early church history, starting with the adventures of Tremendus Hummus, who helped us all imagine life in a first century church.

Other memorable moments of 2022 included Josh’s ambiguous communication examples, (which manage to trick Josh whilst recording!), showing how important it is to understand the inspired communication of God’s word to us, and not confuse our own interpretations with the original intended meaning.

Fame on TikTok (sort of)

Dan thinks back to the talking head videos that he began releasing on social channels to support the promotion of the podcast. Found across Facebook and Instagram, (sometimes Twitter), Bible Feed also gingerly entered the fray in TikTok to post snippets of wisdom alongside whatever else might be found there. Taking cues from Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable channel, Dan reports how on TikTok he found fame as a Harry Kane lookalike, not to mention a high number of likes, saves and engagement!

After a couple of quickfire rounds about the team’s favourite books they’ve read, and the interesting places they’ve visited in 2022, (that’s where the bass notes comes in!), Paul asks them about what 2023 might bring.

Looking ahead with Bible Feed in 2023

Paul considers how the war on Ukraine and economic uncertainty has shaped the world into an unpredictable and unstable place, asking how we Christians ought to act and respond in the coming years.

Josh notes how the Biblical prophets provide guidance on how God views issues of social injustice, whilst Laurence reflects on how helping those in need shouldn’t replace the need to look for the return of Jesus to resolve all issues in this world.


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♬ original sound – Bible Feed

Dan draws attention to how being part of a worldwide network of churches (the Christadelphians) provides ample opportunities for getting support, (spiritual, practical and financial when necessary), and opportunities to provide help to others. The team urge all listeners to consider the benefits of being part of a church community, if not already, following the model that Jesus and the apostles taught. (Get in touch if you want help finding your nearest Christadelphian church).

Looking ahead with the Bible Feed podcast, the team explain their plans to continue the Bible Book Introduction episodes, tackle some Biblical themes on the Devil, Satan and the Holy Spirit, and include other guest episodes between everything else.