Episode 25: The Believer and Community

A bit of a change of focus for this episode as Josh talks to Kat about an aspect of faith in the modern world, faith in real life situations, in the here and now. They reflect on what it means to be a believer as part of a community, and specifically, their experience of how believing communities adjusted to the pandemic and what they may have learned as we head into a ‘new normal’.

Show Notes

Josh and Kat talk widely about being part of a close-knit community, both in a local context in Watford (UK) and also globally within the broad Christadelphian movement.

They discuss the things that bind the believer and community together; a common faith in Jesus and a commitment to follow him. Kat notes that this can bring together a very diverse range of people together in services, classes, mealtimes and small group settings. They recognise that many within their faith community would be unlikely to hang out together were it not due to this shared commitment! They bring first hand experience of how they have even made instant connection with other believers from across the world in the US and Argentina, despite having never met before, all because of a shared faith.

The faith community during a pandemic

Josh and Kat recall the effect that the first UK Covid-19 lockdown had on their church in Watford and their circle of friends. Instantly, people were isolated from each other and it made things very difficult. However, they remember how it was a time when people’s kindness flourished as those who needed assistance would be looked after by regular food deliveries and other means. Whilst Kat looks forward to resuming face to face worship again, there are some things that she hopes will continue. She talks about how she has a regular online call with a small network of friends – also believers – from around the country, where they talk openly about faith, their challenges and do Bible Study together.

Episode Credits

Reading of Acts 5:42: Excerpt from the Complete NIV Audio Bible read by David Suchet; Hodder & Stoughton; Unabridged edition; April 2014