Episode 47: Life’s Biggest Questions!

Paul chats to Mark Vincent, the author of a small book with big ambitions, entitled Life’s Biggest Questions.  They talk about how the book came about and step through some thoughts on those major questions – Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we headed?  The book is a highly accessible read (at only 140 pages), so enjoy the conversation with Mark and we hope you’ll enjoy reading the book as well!

Show Notes

Paul begins by asking Mark about the influences on his life and education and they soon shift to talk about the motivation for writing Life’s Biggest Questions and its aim. Mark explains that the book attempts to be a systematic and concise summary of the things that Christadelphians believe. He describes how writing this short book to explain and give reasoning for his convictions was the hardest he has authored.

Life’s biggest questions pondered

Paul asks Mark about the various topics addressed in Life’s Biggest Questions which range from discussions about why belief in God makes sense, how to understand the existence of suffering, who Jesus is and what the importance of his death is.

Life’s Biggest Questions is available from several places, including Waterstones and The Christadelphian. You can also read the whole book for free online at thechristadelphians.org.uk.

Further resources

We have other resources that attempt to address the big questions about the existence of God and how it is possible to have a meaningful and rational faith in this modern world. Episode 11 of our podcast, The God Question, covered three reasons why belief in God makes sense in a bit more detail and in Episode 13, Founding a Faith, we chat to Tom Gaston, author of another useful book that aims to show how a secure and lasting faith in God can be built.

For more information about the resurrection of Jesus and why there is good reason to believe that this event happened, check out The Hole in History.