Open Bible Learning: Free online courses

You really should check out Open Bible Learning and explore what’s on offer! Open Bible Learning provides free online courses on an interactive learning system – the most popular course is available now: “Learn to read the Bible effectively” – sounds great!

The idea behind an open Bible, rather than a closed one, is very simple. They want it to be read and understood. That means learning to read it effectively. Once the Bible is open, it’s a whole world of rich understanding about God, Jesus Christ and all the things that God’s word communicates to us about the nature of humanity, the world and God’s objectives.

Open Bible Learning is provided by an independent group of Bible Students in Warwickshire, UK. Our aim is to provide stimulating online courses designed to encourage people to study their Bibles for themselves.

Open Bible Learning

Some of our team at Bible Feed get involved in this site and we fully recommend that you take some time out to work through the free material available. As always, get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to learn more.